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Zero Laundry is a theoretical state that occurs when there are no items in a household to launder. This includes items that are currently in use. All launder-able items are folded or stored in their spots.

There are several things that prevent Zero Laundry from occurring. First, the clothes one wears he does the laundry prevents this state from occurring. One either has to be nude or wear something that doesn’t need to be laundered, like a garbage bag with holes cut out for the head and arms.

Also, some items that are launder-able vs cleanable also prevent this, like drapes. That said, freshly cleaned and hanging drapes do no prevent Zero Laundry from being achieved because they are stored as they’re used.

Also not preventing Zero Laundry are bed linens. A freshly made bed is a store of the launder-able items and a bed not being slept in does not become dirty until at least a few days have passed, depending on the air quality of the house.

Another way to achieve Zero Laundry is to wear disposable clothes. Of course, the ultra wealthy can probably achieve this if they wear regular items of clothing only once.

One way of approaching (but technically hitting) Zero Laundry is to have laundry day clothing. This is an outfit reserved only for laundry day and, like the garbage bag, may not be considered launder-able items. This could be done my making them of a material that is un-washable or by designating them as non-household launder-able items. That last one seems like a shifty workaround.

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