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All of my phones, at some point over the two years or so I hold them, develop cracks. I’m not sure which cognitive bias I’m falling prey to, but I never learn and always think that “this time, the glass is stronger” or that the manufacturer has done something new to help prevent slips.

Nope. Glass is brittle, screens are larger, curved, and without a bezel. Sleek designs slide neatly into your pocket and easily to the curb. The first hairlines appear on the corners, then expand with each successive tussle. The original protector (on some) bubbles and peels.

However, it might be the feeling that the phone is propelling towards obsolescence that prevents me from putting a case on it. There is a need for new phones (ironically) that can be useful for much longer than they’re marketed. Less fragile phones means we can slowly move off the consumption treadmill.

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