You Say It’s Just A Virus

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Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock.

In the fall, I got sick. I mean, nasty sick. Then my family got sick. My lymph nodes felt like billiard balls. My throat was so sore. After four days of feeling awful, I went to a walk in clinic.

The doctor looked at me, listened to my sob story, then swabbed the back of my throat and left the room. Less than 10 minutes later, he came back and said that I have Strep throat and prescribed antibiotics. A few days later, it was cleared and I felt better. More importantly, I felt better knowing what I had. Whatever placebo effect that had might have also worked.

With what we’re going through, we can’t get by with accepting that illnesses are “just a virus”. We’ll need to know which virus. Quickly. Rapid Antigen Tests offer hope and maybe they’ll be the way to get around quarantines as new viruses and potential pandemics come up in the future.

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