Working While You Sleep

Leor Grebler
1 min readAug 1, 2020

It seems every few years there’s another attempt at a lucid dreaming mask. Somni’s very successful Kickstarter project (in terms of total funding to goal… who knows what “successful” actually means) is another attempt. Back in our heyday on Kicstarter, it was the Remee mask.

Lucid dreaming is like the keto diet of the earlier 2010s. It had magical possibilities to help with conquering challenges. I had tried it for awhile and had a few successful catches but it queued me in on something more important… if you’re already going to bed in an organized enough way to think before you fall asleep, you’re already doing something to make your life better.

Lucid dreaming might give you a small edge compared to just going to bed at a reasonable time.But going to bed on time is a game changer. And with that, goodnight!

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