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I work from different places throughout the day and am not tied down to a desk. My work is where my laptop can go and where I can connect to the Internet. Any busy place can turn into a quiet oasis.

Sometimes, to get myself out of a writing rut, I’ll go to a new location. One time, I wrote a bunch of proposals while sitting at the arrivals lounge of an FBO airport (that’s private jet parlance). I’ve worked from courthouses, libraries, emergency rooms, city halls, coffee shops, airplanes, boats, parked in my car in a grocery parking lot — or the side of a highway.

However, one shouldn’t confuse my ability to work from anywhere as being very responsive. Or maybe, one shouldn’t confuse my lack of an instant reply as not being responsive. Being a Tim Ferriss fan but not brave enough to follow through on his full email automation (I experimented with it about a decade ago), I see value in letting some emails simmer or getting through the most important work first before being reactionary.

Maybe this is where technology can enhance us… it can slow us down from being reactionary to instead responding properly, thoughtfully.

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