Wire vs Wave

Leor Grebler
2 min readFeb 9, 2024
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It happened again. As I had expected.

After loyally serving me for over a year, my USB-C headset, what I deem to be my secret weapon for the best audio version of me to be carried to others, started to fail. If you wiggle just the wrong way, it conks out and the computers’ speaker and microphone take over. However, it’s sometimes worse. The audio just cuts out altogether and I can neither hear or be heard.

As the problem progressed, I designed to unpack a spare Bluetooth headset that I had been reluctant to use with a computer. It had been three years since I’d used one with a computer and I remembered how finicky it would be. But, I remained excited. Three years is a long time in tech. Pairing with BT earbuds seemed to be easier. Maybe this time the kinks had been ironed?

Do not prepare to be dazzled.

Sure, I could pair and connect. But, come the time for a call, there was a 50–50 chance the device wouldn’t send or receive audio. I’ve already had instances of scrambling for my old wired earphones.

There is still room for BT headsets to improve. There’s also room for USBC (and all USB) wired devices to become more resilient to fatigue.



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