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The transition between WiFi and LTE, at least on Android devices, seems like it’s stuck in 2011. There are two scenarios where this can be frustrating:

  • You’re leaving WiFi coverage for LTE coverage and the WiFi signal is strong enough to latch on but not strong enough to be reliable
  • You’ve connected to an open WiFi network that has a sign on screen.

These scenarios play out when I’m on my way out the door and want to send a text message through dictation. Whenever Internet connectivity is an issue, voice typing end point seems to go on and on. The second scenario happens whenever I stumble into an network that I’ve connected to in the past.

Maybe I’m missing something? Why can’t there be a setting to use both? At least on the S8, there is a “Download Booster” setting to download larger files off of dual LTE/WiFi but what about a “Connectivity Enhancer” that tries to find any connection.

On that note… why not connectivity to multiple WiFi networks? It seems there is still low hanging fruit to enhancing device connectivity.

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