Why Amazon Should Make Its Own Phone… Again

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Yes, Amazon struck out with the Fire Phone several years ago. You can’t fault them for trying and some of the features of the Fire Phone were incredible smart, such as the 3D effect that used face tracking. At the time, Amazon didn’t have the capabilities it now has. It also doesn’t have the hardware experience that happened through the Echo. However, Amazon has many new capabilities:

Amazon Chime, Amazon Connect, and Alexa calling are all telephony services that could be offered on Amazon hardware — The Fire Tablet brand has survived for quite awhile despite other tablets coming to market — Amazon has an app store of its own — Amazon now has its own personal assistant

It makes sense to have something like an Alexa phone. Maybe Amazon could also go the route of Google Fi and have an all inclusive plan. Maybe the phone is offered for free to Prime users or there ends up being a monthly Prime membership that includes a plan.

What would my wish list be for such a device?

Handsfree voice interaction through Alexa
Handsfree speakerphone calling
High definition voice calls
Bezel free screen
IP68+ rating and extremely tough
Alexa earbuds
Ultra long battery life
Fast long range wireless charging

Why not build a phone around Alexa? A lot has changed in four years.

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