Whistle While You Work

Leor Grebler
2 min readMay 1, 2024
Generated by author using Midjourney. Is any likeness to any character, real or fictional, purely coincidental?

There’s now a way to create a soundtrack for life.

Music can be generated based on a number of inputs at 4–8x playback speed. This means, we have more than infinite music at our fingertips.

That’s today.

Within the next 2–3 years, we’ll have the equivalent of Simon Cowell able to listen to all of these generated recordings and able to fine tune them multiple times before we even hear them for the first time. That means they’re going to get really good. Like… better than anything we’ve heard before.

Many years ago, I would look forward to hearing a porter, Ivan Watson, at Pearson Airport in Toronto, load luggage onto conveyor belts after passengers had transited US customs. He would constantly be singing. At 5 AM, I’d be looking forward to seeing and hearing him amid the dreariness of an early morning flight.

Imagine if a little bit of Ivan could accompany us throughout our day, singing little tunes of hope about what we were up to at the moment, creating some magical out of the mundane parts of life?



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