Which Hat Do You Choose?

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Careful which hat you choose… screen grab from HBO’s WestWorld

Last month, Kernel announced it had come up with a helmet that could reduce the bulkiness of older devices to measure brain signals. You can check them out here. Their tech boasts the ability to initially perform two things: 1) help a user spell out something and 2) help identify what a person might be hearing. These two things could be life savers for those encapsulated in a paraplegic state.

The freedom of being able to communicate to the outside world when you can’t must be a such an enlivening experience. Just like with leg prosthesis, the next question is what will this technology look like in 10 years time if this is where it is today?

With sound ID, this is closer to mind reading. What if an internal voice is heard instead of an external one? Someone can then communicate that to someone outside their head.

As companies pack more sensors into these signal reading devices, we will start to add more resolution and the likelihood for better interpretation of our mind. We may then see new treatments and diagnostics emerge for mental health conditions.

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