Where Would I Want Alexa?

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From Pebble’s kickstarter campaign.

Smart speakers? Done. In car? Done. Bedside? Done. Earphone and earbuds? Done (kinda).

Thinking about where I’d want an Alexa Built-In device, I think of at least two places:

  1. My laptop (in a browser or as a standalone app).

For #2, the Pebble Core was far ahead of its time. It was such a great idea that could free people from the phone during walks and runs while still giving them access to content. Earbuds, headphones, and even glasses, with Alexa today still rely on pairing with a phone through Bluetooth. This is a BAD experience. I gave up on using Alexa with my Bose headphones a month after trying them out — there were too many inconsistent connections.

There is still room for growth in voice first hardware. It’s removing the barriers to connectivity and making sure devices are always online.

Thank you Eric Migicovsky for being inspiring.

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