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I think I’ve maxed out on Echos.

There’s one in the kitchen/dining room and there’s another in the living room. With little kids around, I can’t place them within arms reach, so the bedroom and bathrooms aren’t really an option.

I have one in the office next to me. Two, if you consider the Echo Look that stares silently into the distance, on mute.

Now, for a demo, I bought an extra Echo Dot… the new one… and I’m puzzled. Where to put this? Do I replace the Echo Dot I have next to me? Do I put it in another location around the office? Do I mount it on the wall out of reach of tiny hands? In short… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve reached Echo saturation. Maximum Echo. Echo Maximus. Maybe I’ll save it in case I relocate?

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