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Last night, I marvelled again over how amazing it is to be whisked around so easily with rose sharing apps like Uber. It’s a game changer, even if each ride is being subsidized by its shareholders.

I must have been day dreaming as I left the car. There was a thump… I checked the seat for my phone but figured I dumped it in my bag as I climbed out of the car.

As I walked inside my home, it dawned on me that my phone really was racing away from me.

My first step was to open my laptop and use Google’s find my phone feature to play a sound. If it didn’t make my bag ring, at least it would alert the driver that the phone was in his car.

The next thing was to Google losing one’s phone in an Uber. Immediately there was a page to log into to provide a phone number. Initially, the login required a two factor authentication and clearly that wasn’t happening. The second time it let me through and allowed me to specify a number to be reached at.

Within a second, the home phone rang and after pressing a confirmation, I was connected to the driver. He knew I had lost my phone (from the ringing) and had come back anticipating I’d call. Two minutes later, my phone was back in my hands.

In this case, thanks to extraordinary luck and everything working, I was able to mitigate the damage from this situation. It could have been a lot worse. However, someone doing UX design at Google and Uber and a very considerate driver made the experience great.

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