When Google Hears Alexa…

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Having an Echo Dot and Google Home sitting side by side, I’m often caught thinking this… do Google or Amazon note when the invocation for another device is heard? Both devices have follow on mode so such an occurrence can happen.

If I were either, I’d want to know. It would signal to me that I’m not meeting the request of user because they need to go to another source to supply the answer. I’d then go back and analyze the response and potential glean from audio what was the alternative response from the other AI assistant. Of course, it’s also possible to do this offline with a separate device.

It’s possible to then:

  • Improve the response to that particular query that had failed
  • Ignore the issue and just dive deep in other areas

Since Alexa / Google Assistant are attempting to be general AIs, this might not be an option. However, for other third party AI assistants, maybe specialization is a good strategy.

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