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Listening to Radiolab’s latest episode Atomic Artifacts was an interesting look at what items are designated to be attempted to be saved in the event of a nuclear attack against the United States. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Lincoln’s medical report, among other items, are on the list.

It had me thinking about what artifacts I might want to save in the event of an emergency. Putting important documents like birth and marriage certificates aside, what would you take? What things are irreplaceable or non-digitizable? For me, it’d likely be some object that was passed down by a relative or something that had some sentimental meaning in my life, like a stuffed animal.

But would life go on without it? Yes. It would just be a bit sadder, emptier. However, its impact would remain just as strong when I remembered it. The issue is what I’d do without it if my memory of it were to fade. There’s probably a business for 3D scanning objects so that a facsimile of them can be made in the event that there lost.

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