What Voice Could Do For Google Clips

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Google Clips is an interesting device. It uses edge computing and AI to silently observe and than take photos spontaneously that capture a moment in 7 second clips. There’s probably a lot of cool things that could be added to this type of device, especially around voice:

  • “OK Google, start recording.”
  • “OK Google, take a picture.”
  • “OK Google, livestream this to my contacts”
  • “OK Google, delete last picture”
  • “OK Google, how much memory is left”

Being that this device is supposed to be mostly offline, a few local commands could go a long way as opposed to the full blown Google Assistant.

Taking this a step further and looking at dream features:

  • Clippable legs like a Gorillapod to prop itself up or wrap around things
  • A countdown button / LEDs
  • Multiple cameras to capture 3D or having a better lens for more range

I’m hopeful Google building this device has inspired an arms race of many other hardware makers to create competitive offerings.

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