What Google Home might mean for voice tomorrow

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The big rumour mill continues to churn out stories that tomorrow Google will release the Home. The device, a bit shorter and stouter than the Echo, will tap into Google’s speech technologies that it’s honed for more than a decade on Android/voice search.

The bar that Google will likely set and the one that Amazon has already set with the Echo will make it difficult for lower cost / differently branded entrants to enter the market. Even Apple Siri will have a higher peak to climb to try to gain market share in the voice space.

Other players will likely find that their solutions fall short in consumers’ eyes. They’ll be left with the decision of whether to embrace or compete with these solutions.

Over four years ago, in June 2012, we had been preparing for our Ubi Kickstarter campaign and held out breath when Google revealed the Nexus Q at Google I/O.

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They could have easily (for Google) added voice interaction to this device and it would have been much more revolutionary than Google Glass. Instead, it was just a precursor to the Cast and never shipped.

What we’ll be watching for is how Google plans on rolling out to other hardware or software developers, similar to Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Skills. Will this use the same tools that tap in to Allo? Weave?

Either way, another giant in the ambient voice space will help bring this technology to the rest of the market.

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