What Did I Want To Write About?

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Attempting to write everyday has introduced me to a new problem. Over the course of the day, when I find myself between tasks, I’ll start to think — “what should I write about today?”. Then, I’m hit with some enlightenment and an idea that is in line with the topics I write about day to day.

By the time I have a moment to sit down and put it to paper (or screen), poof, it’s gone. I hate carrying things in my pocket, so I don’t have a notepad. Usually, by the time I’m back at my computer, I’m trying to ride the moment on some other task.

I hadn’t considered Alexa or Google for capturing the note. I’m going to try. I think it could be that I don’t want to attract the attention of my kids during work-from-home while I’m sneaking around to make a coffee and go back to work. Maybe the other strategy is to just make a concerted effort to record inspirations?

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