What Alexa Billy Bass Needs

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The Big Mouth Billy Bass… from Tony Soprano’s nightmares

There is a new DIY version of an Alexa powered Billy Bass. You can check it out on Hackaday here. Thinking about this as a product, I don’t know if it could ever be sold as an Alexa Built-In device.

Amazon has requirements for product makers wishing to have their device feature Alexa to include certain elements into their design. For example, there needs to be a mute button, visual indicators of speaking, thinking, responding, and notifications. It also needs a companion app for setup and then it would need to pass both functional and acoustic tests.

A Billy Bass that meets these requirements might have a glowing blue ring around the frame when activated, a button that mutes the mic and gives a visual indication of muting, and volume / activation buttons. Even then, I’m wondering if adding an animatronic element would violate some term of Alexa Voice Service and aversely affect the Alexa brand.

But hey, Billy could be another endpoint for buying toilet paper?

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