We’re Not Taking Calls

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This was the message that Google had on their customer support number when I tried to reach them today. Their app had suggested I call. However, they gave a memorable website for me to visit and it was one click to start a chat.

The chat connected within a minute.

The person chatting with me was responsive, polite, and helpful.

They asked for a phone number in case we got disconnected.

And they actually helped, and explained things to me… they were… HUMAN.

It was OK that they didn’t take calls. I understand that. In fact, since they were UPFRONT, it was better than having to wait for two hours to maybe talk to someone.

What’s the lesson?

  • Sett appropriate expectations that you can exceed.
  • Deliver on those.
  • Design the support into the product.

Everyone ends up less stressed as a result.

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