We’re in “Radio On Internet” Days

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Radio… On… Internet — from HBO’s Silicon Valley

Russ Hanneman on Silicon Valley channeled Marc Cuban’s Broadcast.com when he spoke about his road to riches, “Radio On Internet”. It reminds me of the late nineties, when I’d listen to Galgalatz on RealAudio. At the time, it was wondrous. I could pretend like I was on the beach in some distant sunny country listening to local radio there. (It’s been about a year since I was last nostalgic about Internet streaming).

Skills on Alexa feel still like audio streaming of radio stations. There’s a lot more Skills than you can consume, people are just figuring out how to use Alexa, and the content is still wonky.

Nowadays, audio program streaming has seen a huge resurgence with Podcasts. When will Alexa see a similar transformation through Skills? It probably won’t take 20 years to happen.

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