We launched Lexa today

Today, we launched Lexa — an app that allows to you to interact with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service from an Android device — for free.

Similar to awesome tools like Echosim, we think this app will make it really simple for developers to test out development of Alexa Skills and for hardware makers to get a peak into what it’d be like to have Alexa Voice Service on their hardware products.

Three months ago, we released the Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Skill as an Alexa Skills Kit skill. We’ve had many developers sign up and use the service to make it really easy to test out a skill for Alexa without needing to even setup an Amazon developer account.

With over 4 million Echos on the market, this app will allow people to access most of the services that they already use on their Echos and extend it to their Android phones.

Check out Lexa here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avsintegration.android (US only for now)

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