Way to McPlant, McDonalds

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I like McDonald’s approach to introducing a vegetarian option. A crispy chicken like sandwich made without real meat is easy enough. “Tastes like chicken” can be applied to many non chicken things. It reminds me of that scene form The Matrix:

Something protein with texture that can be the vehicle for a crispy coating that can hold onto sauce between two buns can be pretty good. Heck, you could probably put sawdust in their and it’d taste mostly good as well.

It’s the same for lab grown meat. SuperMeat announced that it’s opening up a restaurant to the public in exchange for feedback. It’s likely that the offerings will be breaded and seasoned to hide any weirdness.

Impossible and Beyond are going a different approach. With beef, it’s all about the taste of the meat. With chicken, many other factors play a role.

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