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Last year, I saw them as I dripped in sweat. They seemed very out of place. There, upon the hills of Jerusalem on a sunny September afternoon were a dozen or so penguins swimming and standing around in a zoo enclosure.

It was about 25 C and the sun could quickly turn a popsicle into a puddle, but these penguins seemed… content?

After a quick Googling, it turned out these penguins were actually from a warm weather climate and weren’t being forced into sweltering conditions. The African Penguin likes the heat.

What I loved about this encounter was how it went against the grain of common knowledge. It’s something that seems wrong initially but actually isn’t. It knocks one out of a sense of complacency with what they think is truth.

We need this gentle jiggle from time to time. It helps us recalibrate our truth radar.

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