Wandering Around An Airport

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The Box! The Box!

I have a problem — I’m extremely curious when I’m at airports, especially airports I haven’t visited before. If I have access to a lounge, I MUST try to visit it. It borders on addiction. If it’s been awhile since I’ve been to an airport, I NEED to see if anything has changed.

Even if I’m not eating anything, I like to see what offerings a place has. This extends beyond a lounge to the restaurants in that terminal. Very quickly, my quest can extend to whatever layover time I have, even if it’s half a day or more.

Ill lounge hop… do some work and grab a coffee in one lounge, then hop to another do some work and continue onwards.

The phenomenon for me is the mystery box. I need to see what’s inside. It’s amazing what a powerful effect this has on me and I can imagine, it has on others. It’s something we should include in the design of our products — to elicit our users to discover more.

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