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Doing more waiting, I’m always wondering about the deleterious effect on health of always-on news. In this case, it’s Toronto’s CP24. It has a two line stock ticker on the bottom, weather and traffic on the right, a headline ticker and a window for news and ads. It seems half the time is filler or ads and the other half is content. Included in that content is preview of upcoming content.

It’s hard to avoid exposure if you’re waiting anywhere. It’s around subway stations, it’s in so many professional’s waiting areas. Maybe it’s to make the wait seem lesser. However, it has a very stress-inducing effect (at least what I’ve experienced). You try to focus on something else but it keeps on pulling at you. If not the “it bleeds, it leads” news, it’s the ads for used gold jewellery buy back, second or third mortgages, personal injury lawyers, or other transactional business.

We all might need our own cone of seclusions from time to time. Waiting rooms are a good area to slow done a bit and think about life. It would better for us to contemplate our own pulse rather than “City Pulse 24”.

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