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At least until Daylight Saving Time ends this coming weekend, we’re not really waking up with the lights. I’m often up before the sun and it’s a slog to get up. However, Alexa released a wake up with lights feature that can turn on lights for an alarm time.

What I’d love to see is a gradual wake up, like a sunrise. Some lights offer these but it should be within the ability of Alexa and something like a Philips Hue. It would also be great if this had a nighttime feature, dimming the lights close to the time you normally go to bed.

For a long time, hubs that promised this type of automation were all the rage. Now, most of these consumer devices have disappeared. What we should be looking at is the ability to use any Echo device to learn our patterns so it can interact without fanfare, automatically actuating devices based on our usage.

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