VOICE Summit Is Next Week

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I’m very excited to be at VOICE Summit in New Jersey next week. It’s turning out to be one of the largest conferences around building voice interaction and Alexa. While I’ll be talking at one of eleven concurrent speaking tracks, it’s amazing to see how voice is mushrooming into huge interest.

This is what I’ll be talking about…

Alexa Voice Service was launched nearly three years ago and there will soon be hundreds of devices on the market that have voice interaction embedded into them. How will this change how we interact with our surroundings? What are the opportunities for marketers and developers in this new world?

There is still a lot of room for building unique interactions via voice. The new technologies that are coming out will allow for even more exciting applications that we can’t even imagine. The next equivalent of Instagram, Snapchat, or similar unicorn is being worked on in voice today.

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