Voice Predictions for 2018

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Going down the road of voice predictions for 2018, here are a few things we’re likely to see by the end of the year:

  1. TTS will be unrecognizably good. We won’t be able to differentiate between human an speech synthesis.
  2. STT will match human error rate in English and we’ll likely get to same in other languages.
  3. There will be at least two other AI-assistant powered speakers/devices on the market. Likely Bixby but maybe others like Facebook.
  4. We’ll get to 50% of US households with a smart speaker product. Most will be either Amazon or Google.
  5. We’ll get to over 75,000 Alexa Skills with many new applications focused on business and Echo Show interactions.
  6. There will be many more in-car Google Assistant and Alexa integrations. Some cars will ship standard.
  7. Someone will demo voice interactive autonomous driving.
  8. Apple HomePod might be rolled into a new product and may not get launched.
  9. Google will create a service as quick as Amazon Prime together with another retailer.
  10. Computer vision and voice analysis will be better at identifying human emotion than humans.

Maybe half of these will come to light. Exciting to see what’s ahead!

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