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The Amazon Fire HD 8 now has Alexa on board.

While people are still talking about a lack of headphone jack on the new iPhone, Amazon came out with a new Fire HD yesterday. Normally, this would be met with a yawn but there’s something new and indicative on this one — Alexa. Now, Alexa is available on the Echo, Echo Tap, Echo Dot, Fire TV, and today the Fire HD. The potential reach of the service is now in the tens of millions of users and this doesn’t include the users who are purchasing devices that are AVS-enabled (Nucleus, Pebble Core, Triby, etc).

As makers of the Lexa app, we are wondering what’s the next step for Amazon in terms of rolling out Alexa to all Android devices or even embedding voice control inside of the standard Alexa app for Android and iOS devices (which seems logical). Such a move would make our Android app redundant (as well as all other AVS apps on Android/iOS). We’re OK with that. The purpose of Lexa is to allow developers to quickly test their skills and Alexa integrations on Android devices and to showcase our experience with Alexa Voice Services so if there are other ways to do this, that’s great. It’ll push us to be more creative.

The other hints that were in the media yesterday were that the Echo will to start to receive push notifications soon. My guess is that this will likely happen before October 4, the also hinted announcement date for the Google Home device that seems to have this capability built in.

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