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I enjoyed reading The Atlantic’s article on Why People Still Don’t Buy Groceries Online. I use Loblaws’ Express Pick Up and have been a fan for years but have not pulled the trigger on delivery. Why?

  • My schedule for when I’m home isn’t predictable
  • I enjoy going to grocery stores. It brings out the primal hunter.
  • Even with Express Pick Up, I’m often negotiating with the picker on items that were out of stock, arranging for a replacement upon arrival.
  • Express Pick Up keeps a slot open for up to two hours before the slot time. I can keep a window open and have addition sprints as I remember the things I need to pick up. Online grocery doesn’t allow that.
  • Availability, selection and freshness are a big part of grocery shopping and being there in person reduces mental load.
  • My kids like being pushed in a cart.

For the same reasons that online grocery shopping is more difficult and then some, voice groceries is even harder. It’s more complicated to select new items. However, reordering by voice is definitely practical and maybe more so is just adding to shopping lists for later selection.

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