Violent Passion Surrogate

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Thinking back, I’m in awe of Aldous Huxley’s foresight into a future of extreme comfort. He envisioned that those in Brave New World would need to endure some fear and pain in order for them not to atrophy completely and remain functional.

Very soon, human hunger may be a problem of the past (maybe by 2030). After which, the problems of the West will become more prevalent like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Stress will rise even though access to medicine and food will be abundant.

What will we need? Maybe an outlet and some purposeful infliction of pain. We do so already now with exercise. What about the rise of Stoicism? Intermittent fasting? Long term fasts? Silent retreats? Sensory deprivation?

We may find we need a little less comfort from time to time in order to remain human.

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