Leor Grebler
2 min readNov 24, 2023
Generated by author using Midjourney

Trying out Midjourney’s new upscaling feature has impressed me!

The new functionality can double and quadruple the original resolution of a generated image, making it possible to get incredibly fine detail of images. Here’s an example of a prism…

Generated by author using Midjourney — regular resolution

Now at 2x resolution… (you might need to click to zoom in)

Generated by author using Midjourney — Medium resolution

Now at the highest resolution (4x)

Generated by author using Midjourney — highest resolution

Here’s a screenshot comparing them when Zoomed in…

The little flake on the prism is viewable.

Now take another generated image of a market…

Generated by author using Midjourney — normal resolution

If we zoom in, we get a highly pixelated image…

However, at 2x resolution, we get this:

We can definitely make out those aren’t human.

But what about 4x?

You can make out the style of the virtual artist’s style.

What does this mean in the grand scheme? We are seeing ways to reduce the effort to create imagery and worlds that can be used for video content or video games. This will lead to the ability to have worlds generated on demand tailored for the individual user?



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