Leor Grebler
1 min readMar 20, 2020
Mrcase.com offering delivery of toilet paper in the Greater Toronto Area

You can’t get toilet paper on Amazon.ca (even if you’re a Prime member). People are selling it from the back of vans in Costco parking lots. In my student years, I might have thought of such a demand as opportunity if it wasn’t so obvious of a price gouge. Now, stores put in the paper products aisle signs that say “Sharing is Caring” — a refrain I hear one of my daughters tell the other before stealing away a toy.

Now, it’s difficult to find the main brands for wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels and other common household (and some pantry items) on Prime that don’t have a long delay. This should be a bonanza time for all online commerce but even Amazon can’t keep up with the fear.

Just like going out when you’re sick seems to be no big deal if your symptoms aren’t too bad, getting an extra few rolls doesn’t seem like an issue until everyone else starts following the same behaviour. We’re not really primed for this. Maybe we need some enforcement like Amazon limiting orders to ensure we don’t end up behaving in a way that harms us.

Leor Grebler

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