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Today, I had two unintended triggers. The first was sitting next to my Echo Dot at the office, during a call. The device picked up on the conversation and started to respond. The second time was through the Bixby button when I put my phone through a metal detector. Bixby picked up the security guards’ conversation and started to respond. Awkward.

False triggers can be less aggravating than false rejection except:

  • If the response is loud
  • If the trigger acknowledgement is also loud
  • If it picks up sensitive conversation
  • If it starts to respond
  • If it plays music (especially music you don’t like or something with offensive language)

Triggers with lower confidence might ask for a follow up or employee some other methods for determining whether the device is being spoken to (beam forming or voice activity detection). With a button press activation, it might be good to have some additional filter to assess if the button press was accident.

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