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Here comes consolidation.

Uber is eating Postmates. COVID-19 has created a huge demand for delivery services and has educated those previously reluctant on the service. It’s reduced the cost of both driver and customer acquisition.

SkipTheDishes might follow suit. Maybe Amazon will get in the business to keep at least some of the local delivery in its realm.

At least for the time being, these companies need deep pockets and are still losing money on transactions. The game they’re playing reminds me of Super Mario where you need to finish a level or get to a gate within a limited period of time or lose a life.

In the case of Uber, it needs to hit automation gates or some technology milestone that will dramatically reduce the cost of operations. An autonomous fleet, ground delivery wagons, or some new algorithm that reduces the cost of delivery to close to nil. Uber and others seem to be banking on this.

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