Two-Finger Back Gesture Accidents

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Oh, how the back gesture on my trackpad has caused me pain! Accidentally swiping back has lost lots of data or had me start of, especially on forms. While the gesture is great for navigation and does make for a more natural desktop interaction, there should be a few limits to it:

  • Chrome… can you warn before leaving a form page that has data entered as a result of a back swipe?
  • Maybe this feature can be disabled altogether in form filled pages?
  • Maybe have a haptic warning?

While we’re here, more wishes for the Trackpad 2…

  • What if there could be a nav bar on the top similar to that on new Macbooks?
  • Fingerprint reader?
  • Have it form into small touchscreen.
  • Can movement be scaled?

In any case, I’ve now enabled three finger gestures to stop the false acceptance of the back scroll and losing filled out forms by accident!

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