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Last week, I did something I very rarely do — I left my laptop at home and not on purpose. I had been in a rush on my way out, had been using my laptop for Facetime, perched it in some out of the way place, and ran out without it.

At first, I was in a panic. How was I going to get any work done? There were tons of emails that needed to be answered and I had project plans that needed to be written.

However, I came to the realization that 30 years ago, there were people who were very effective, got a lot of work done, and DIDN’T have a computer staring at them for eight hours. I could get this to work.

I dug through my bag and found the notebook that I use every few weeks during calls. This was it. I was going to spend several hours coming up with bullet points for projects and for those emails that I absolutely needed to respond to, I’d sit and swipe out my messages.

It worked amazingly well. I realized again that the laptop can be a tool of distraction. I might jump around 15–20 times to different sites and tabs before completing a single post. Physical notepads and even writing an email on a handheld device have some merit — one tab browsing all the time.

Maybe this forgetfulness can become a habit?

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