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Having become re-acquainted with my Echo Show over the past week, there are a few things that I’m learning (or re-learning) after giving it a good amount of testing:

False Rejection Rate seems much higher on the Show than the Echo. Maybe this is due to the placement of the mics on a plane facing away from the user or bounce effects. It can be frustrating.

From behind, the experience with the Show is like with the Home Mini. Without a visual indicator on the back, it’s hard to know if the device has been woken up. It can be very frustrating to have to attempt a second time to trigger if the command has already been spoken.

There’s a long setup time at the start. This is still a real buzzkill after getting the device connected. Why is there a “downloading updates” step that makes the device useless during that time. No creativity in the loading pages. Maybe Amazon hired too many people from the other side of Lake Washington for implementing this feature?

The bar should be raised. I mean the speaking bar with the shades of blue that indicates speaker direction. It might be more visible if it were on top, closer to the mics and the bar was thicker.

Having a screen is a big plus. It’s much more engaging to see the content or even have a karaoke like experience with the device. There is still work to optimize the size of controls that should be displayed on the Show.

I’m still not sure how to full assess the Show. In terms of looks, it’s weird. Not as weird a device as the Echo Look, but still weird.

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