This Is How It Ends, Alexa

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You were purchased out of an angry curiosity. In 2014, you were ordered. In 2015, you arrived. You were a very sore point for a long time. Over time you got better and turned into a vertical steamroller.

You helped bring in the age of voice, even if you didn’t start it. You didn’t, by the way. Let’s be clear on that.

As a first generation, you were over engineered in some areas and under engineered in others. Some of that was to get out the door faster, in time for the holiday buying season. You made it.

Maybe it was the older charger parts from the Fire Phone, but one thing that was a fatal flaw, waiting to be exposed, was your charger. It connected very tightly.

For my daughter, who was six weeks old when you were announced, was playing next to you, your power cable became a finish line tape for her race around a desk. You fell to the ground, your microphone board snapped, your 360 degree volume rocker popped.

Now, it’s time to retire you to electronics recycling depot. Goodbye, original Echo. You were a good adversary and teacher.

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