This guy really loves his Volvo

I enjoyed watching these concept videos for voice integration with Ford and Volvo cars. They are a bit dated (over 9 months old) but we’ll probably see the first interactions come to market in the next few months.

A few observations:

  • The infotainment system on the Ford is still clunky. It seems like a high latency TFT touch screen and the UI is really ugly. That you have to physically connect the device to the infotainment system seems a waste. It’s too much trouble to use on short car trips.
  • The display for the MS Band is on the wrist. Also, should you require a command for “preparing a car”. Shouldn’t a car prepare itself when you get close to it?

I realize these are nitpicky notes but what we’ll find after release of these features (if ever) is that they’re almost never used. They are more novelty driven.

It’s better that we focus on making voice interaction devices pinpointed on saving time than just on accessing more features.

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