Things I’d Like to Know About Voice Use

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There are stats on voice use that Google, Amazon, and others have that I’d love to know:

  • What times of day are people more likely to use ambient voice? What about mobile voice?
  • How does ambient voice interaction vary per region? Query type?
  • What are the most commonly ordered items by region via Alexa or Google Assistant?
  • What is the query success rate? (correct reply to a request) How is it trending?
  • What are queries based on demographics?
  • Is there a difference between popularity of songs via voice search and other platforms?
  • How many recordings have been captured?
  • How many people have used voice signature for accessing Google Assistant or Alexa?

This information can only be volunteered by the big voice players. However, there could come a point where privacy is such a concern that they’re pressured to release this. The only way this information could be completely available is if there were an open AI assistant.

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