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What I envision a magistrate to look like. Photo by By Topley Studio

I get near daily calls from CRA scammers. Many of have heard them or their US equivalent. It’s a text-to-speech message saying that there’s an arrest warrant and something about a magistrate. I don’t really know what a magistrate is — at least without Googling it.

While I used to get annoyed when they called me, now I get upset when they hang up. Particularly, I get upset when they don’t let me conference in Jolly Roger. If I am able to do this, I just put myself on mute and see how long they hang on to Jolly Roger rodeo.

The service uses a pre-recorded voice to randomly interrupt and get a telemarketer to start over. It’s ingenious.

I wish that they’d setup an olympics in this realm. Sure, there are Alexa contests and Turing prices, but the real impact this can have on society is dissuading people from preying on other people. This is good work.

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