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It seems there might be a time to pick a trusted authority even if that trusted authority might be wrong. Some questions you can Google and get no answer:

  • Is it OK to co-sleep with your toddler?
  • What’s the lifespan of sunset platties in a 5 Gallon tank?
  • What are the long term effects of using exogenous ketones?

Instead, to find an answer, you might end up reading conflicting literature on PubMed or Google Scholar, reading opinion pieces or sensationalist blogs, or going deep into forums. The latter is especially aggravating.

Will AI help resolve these questions? Probably not anytime soon. What we’d be looking for is a summary of summaries.

Step 1. Ingest all content available on topic.

Step 2. Summarize each article / post.

Step 3. Weigh the veracity of each post and create a sentiment around the answer.

Step 4. Summarize the findings and present. Show where there isn’t information available.

E.g. “Platties will live 5–7 years in idea conditions. These conditions are usually tanks of 20 Gallons or more with a mix of males and females. There was no reliable information on lifespan in smaller tanks or with only males.”


“65% of literature on the topic either has neutral or positive feedback on co-sleeping, with the number trending upwards of the past 5 years”

Otherwise, if we don’t have this ability, we just need to stick with and trust a guru.

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