The “You Need to Change” Watch

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Photo by fancycrave1 / CC0

Day dreaming (probably because I didn’t have a device to monitor my sleep), I think about what it’d be like to wear all of the available tech for monitoring. Oura, Apple Watch, Dexcom, Samsung Gears, etc. Would theyreveal something that I can’t easily take action on?

One of my month-long experiments was to wake up every morning at 4:30 AM, like Jocko Willink. That lasted four days and the last two involved falling back asleep at 5:30 AM. You can’t wake up rested at 4:30 AM if you go to bed at 1 AM. Yes, you can push through one day on caffeine but after two, trouble starts. I’ve tried to solve many problems by going in the wrong direction.

Many of our problems (let’s call them problems) are obvious to us and stare us in the face every day, yet we can’t seem to easily solve them, or have to overcome tremendous odds. Sometimes, we look at technology as a savior but in the end, we would create more problems and distractions rom resolving issues.

If we’re giving technology this power of insight, maybe we just need it to be a mirror of the things we already know we should fix? Maybe it’s not a even a high tech resolution but something like a daily email reminder or notification?

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