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Looking over the list of Alexa Skills, I’m wondering what is the tradeoff of having a Skill vs being a part of content library (like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc). I haven’t read the terms and conditions of these services but maybe there’s not issue in having both. If you were Taylor Swift, would it make sense to have a Taylor Swift skill?

There is a corollary argument to be made for whether you should create your own app vs have a an app. However, with Skills, the experience is much different.

First, yes, you could stream content through the Skill. You could also make the Skill available only for members of a club once they’ve linked their accounts. But what could an artist or content maker do to differentiate?

  • Feedback — provide a means through the Skill to send a message to the artist and to receive back information.
  • Have Skill-only content
  • Record messages directly for fans and present them through the Skill
  • Narrate the Skill rather than use Alexa’s TTS
  • Use Alexa Buttons or the Alexa Gadgets API with a physical product

Maybe Taylor Swift can use these? I’m sure SWIFTIES would appreciate it.

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