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When you don’t have a headache, it’s hard to think about how life is compared to having one. Either it’s my own coping mechanism, I’m very forgetful, or it’s really not that bad, but I don’t think about headaches when I don’t have them.

However, when one does attack, it’s all I think about.

Fortunately, I don’t get them chronically. Usually, I’m acutely aware of the cause (typically caffeine withdrawal) but that only slightly relieves the pain. Many other pains seem to be manageable, but a headache makes me miserable.

It affects my ability to focus, to walk around, to drive, and my the amount of kindness I’m willing to show the world.

Just like coming into work when you’re sick is no longer going to be a thing, maybe we should apply the same treatment to headaches. As soon as you get one, you’re off until it’s resolved. No questions asked.

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