The Spread of Screen Time

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I used to resist screen time for the kids but I’ve found it to be difficult now to avoid. The resistance comes from the belief videos are not engaging and kids development is stunted if they spend too much time in this disengaged state.

But I think about my own screen usage and I’m in front of a screen as often as I can be. I don’t write my posts on pen and paper nor am I sitting on calls, dictating what others should do. The screen is a great interface.

For my young kids, in terms of screen time, there are Zoom classes, Facetime/Messenger with family, games and videos — in order of ascending interest. When I need to focus on work or other tasks and other activities do not sufficiently engage them, these are my go-to. This is often. The next challenge is to think of which content will help them develop and learn.

What this situation is doing in many ways is challenging beliefs we’ve held in many areas. We need to be extra patient with ourselves and those around us and this might mean being less dogmatic. There’s always time for impatience and dogmatism later.

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