The Singularity looks like Askinosie

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Recently, after listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast interviewing Seth Godin, I learned about Askinosie chocolate. This is a single origin chocolate that is made in small batches. I thought dark chocolate — meh — I’ve tried it before.

Then I had a chance to try it. Particularly Mabubu.

This was a very different experience than I had experience before with chocolate. There was a complexity to it, layers, a “bouquet”. The chocolate had different flavors appeared after a bit of time as the chocolate melted.

A few days after, it hit me that this is likely the type of experience we’ll get to encounter as we get closer to the technological Singularity. The idea to achieve sustainability through mass scale will no longer hold and almost everything will become personalized and artisanal, whether it’s local roasted coffee or Local Motors.

Gone will be the bland, the boring. In will be the completely new and personal. We have a lot to look forward to.

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