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I remember reading about how Disney puts the tickets and admission gate far ahead of the actual fun parts of Disneyland. The goal is to separate the painful part of shelling out inordinate amounts of money for tickets from the joy and magic of the park. We can learn a lot from this.

In a similar vein is the Trusted Traveller program and Nexus. Nexus was still a novelty when I signed up and the long online application and non-travel airport visit was enough of a deterrent for non frequent flyers from signing up. However, the possibly three hours total time spent on the application, including travel to and from the airport, has saved me days worth of aggravation and allowed frequent travel to be tolerable over the past ten years. My shoes have stayed on most times I’ve crossed security checks.

We were thinking about a similar process with the Ubi. What if it were possible to just receive the device and plug it in? What if the WiFi password was already setup so that it connected automatically to your home network.

Looking at other services and products and applying this “pre-screen” mentality, what are some possible ways of batching all the more bothersome parts of an experience upfront? WiFi setup, account setup, setting preferences, etc and then creating some distance to the initial experience of using the product.

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